About the Event

After the successful 1st Green Auto Summit in Stuttgart, we are pleased to kick-start the 2nd edition. This time we hope that the situation allows us to make an even better and bigger event!  2020 was a challenging year and we all have learned to quickly adapt to all of the changes. The Sustainability topic is even more important now, automotive manufacturers are focusing further on EVs and green solutions. Therefore, in the 2nd Green Auto Summit 2021 we will dwell into CO2, regulations impact on rising EVs demand, new standards, targets and powertrain scenarios.  As EVs charging infrastructure is quickly changing to fit the majority of customers’ demand, renewed speakers will discuss safe and public charging, as well as challenges and opportunities. What is more, the future outlook cannot be overlooked, so topics such as the prospect of sustainable mobility, Brexit and 2030 petrol and diesel bans will be looked upon also.

The 2-day closed-door environment of the Green Auto Summit 2021 will draw out ideas for upcoming regulations and facilitate effective decision-making. Most manufacturers, suppliers, associations, government bodies and service providers are working closely daily to ensure rapid improvements in the automotive industry, thus we are looking forward to giving a boost to new partnerships and creating a platform for fruitful discussions. The Summit will be divided into two separate spaces: the conference hall and the exhibition area.

The conference sessions will consist of individual presentations and panel discussions. During the breaks, exhibitors will showcase the cutting-edge technologies, every attendee will have various networking opportunities with colleagues and prospective clients, partners. There will also be a spectacular evening program, where every attendee will be able to continue the discussions with fellow industry experts in a more casual environment, as well as to strengthen the newly created connections. See you in Stuttgart – the automotive hub!

Key Topics

<p>Vehicle Emissions Standards and Control Approaches</p>


Vehicle Emissions Standards and Control Approaches

Emissions: CO2 as most important regulatory

Regulations impact on rise of EVs demand

Optimization of emissions control components

Vehicle weight and drag reduction

New emissions targets for manufacturers: 2021 and onwards

<p>Electrification – Powertrain Landscape Disruptor</p>


Electrification – Powertrain Landscape Disruptor

Propulsion system electronics

Hybrid powertrain: a bridge between ICE and electric motor

Energy efficient electric motors: ratio between mechanical output and electrical input

Validation methodologies for electrified powertrains

Challenges for EV battery performance & development

Future powertrain scenarios

<p>Dimensions of Mobility</p>


Dimensions of Mobility

Cooperative autonomous mobility

Connected mobility

The future of sustainable mobility

Micro-mobility: future of urban transportation

Electric mobility: different approaches

Safe and integrated mobility

<p>Newest Technologies & Innovations in EV Market</p>


Newest Technologies & Innovations in EV Market

Technology and market dynamics under green auto umbrella

Driving efficiency in electric and hybrid vehicles: the latest navigation systems

End-of-life vehicles and remanufacturing

Cutting-edge solutions across the operational & supply chain

Battery technologies role: path to the greener vehicle electrification

In-car apps, sensors, AI and connectivity innovations

Charging systems & components

Electro-mechanical solutions

<p>EV Charging Infrastructure</p>


EV Charging Infrastructure

Access to efficient charging stations: EV purchase barrier

Evolution of public EV charging

Safe and secure charging

From level 1 to fast charging: challenges and opportunities

Flexible electric vehicle charging solutions

Clean energy supply to EV charging stations

<p>Green Auto Future Outlook</p>


Green Auto Future Outlook

Regional impacts and domestic priorities

Security & regulations: what does the future bring?

New transport concepts

Cybersecurity risks and how it is changing

Brexit and the UK automotive industry: impact, challenges and solutions

2030 petrol and diesel bans: green industrial revolution

Green Auto Summit 2020 Overview

We are excited to share with you the highlights of our last Green Auto Summit 2020, which happened in Stuttgart, Germany, on October 19-20th.

Over 30 speakers, 100 industry delegations, networking breaks, plenty of contacts, and great emotions shared talking about a green and sustainable future.

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