24-25 October, 2023

Stuttgart, Germany

Carl Benz Arena


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Speakers: Green Auto Summit 2022

CHAIRMAN: Sven Beiker

Founder and Managing Director

Silicon Valley Mobility, LLC

Dirk Adelmann


smart Europe GmbH

Dr. Uwe Keller

Director Battery Development

Mercedes-Benz AG

Michael Perschke

CEO and Member of the Board

Quantron AG

Espen Hauge



Benjamin Krieger

Secretary General


Marcus Lott

Senior Vice President Engineering


Roberto Almeida e Silva

Head of R&D Automotive Drive Systems


Key Topics

Green Auto Future Outlook

  • Decarbonizing the Full Life-cycle of Vehicles
  • Zero Emission Vehicles by 2035 - Regulations Impact on the Light and Heavy-duty Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles Range Anxiety and Consumer Adoption
  • Implementing Lightweight Materials for Vehicle Weight Reduction and Efficiency Increase
  • Synergy Between Different Types of Electric Vehicles (BEV & FCEV)
  • Continuous Adaptation of Supply Chain, Production Lines, and Range of Products for Electrification
  • Manufacturers' Hands-on Approach to Energy Infrastructure for EVs
  • Sustainable and Future-proof technologies
  • Fit for 55 - Manufacturers' Responsibility Toward the EU’s Climate Neutrality Target
  • Demand for Diversity in Electric Vehicles
  • Electrification of Fleets and Shared Mobility

Charged for Success: Building Scalable and Reliable EV Charging Infrastructure

  • National Targets For the Deployment of Charging and Alternative Fuels Infrastructure for Light and Heavy-duty Vehicles
  • Impact of Government Policies and Regulations on Charging Infrastructure Development
  • High-speed, Wireless, and Smart Charging Solutions
  • Impact of Fast Charging on Grid Stability and Demand Management
  • Renewable Energy Sources for Fast Charging Infrastructure
  • Smart Charging Ecosystem - V2H, V2X, V2L and V2G
  • User Experience and Convenience: Interoperability, Availability, and Payment at Charging Stations
  • Scaling up Charging Point Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities from the Operator's Perspective
  • Cyber Security Risk in EV Charging Stations
  • Meeting the Increasing Demand for Charger Hardware
  • Accelerating Charging Speed: Implications for Energy Demand and Grid Infrastructure

Life of BATTERY: Produce, Use, ReUse

  • EU Battery Regulations
  • Battery Raw Materials Forecast for Demand and Supply in Europe
  • Safety & Security for Energy Storage
  • Challenges Towards a Circular Battery Industry
  • Machine Learning Modeling Future batteries
  • Recycling - an Opportunity for Improving Battery Value Chain?
  • Strategies and Challenges in Repurposing EV Batteries
  • Impact of High-speed Charging on Battery Health and Longevity
  • Developments in EV/battery Testing Standards
  • Thermal Management of Batteries
  • Battery Swapping for Widerscale Use - What are the Obstacles to Overcome

Hydrogen Power: The Fuel of the Future?

  • The Role of Hydrogen in Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Transportation Sector
  • The Environmental Impact of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • The Potential of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Heavy-duty/ Commercial Vehicles
  • Hydrogen Storage Methods for Automotive Use
  • Barriers and Bottlenecks for Hydrogen Application in the Automotive Industry
  • Fuel Cell Stack Technology and its Continuous Development
  • Cost Reduction Strategies for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Collaborations Between Automakers and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Companies
  • Government Regulations and Standards for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Infrastructure Requirements for FCEV
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About the Event

The 4th Green Auto Summit is a premier international conference and exhibition in e-mobility. With a successful track record in Stuttgart, our event has grown significantly since 2020, and we are thrilled to announce our 4th edition. Join industry experts to tackle sustainable transportation issues, including electric vehicle advancement, charging infrastructure, battery technology, and sustainability challenges.

This closed-door event will be held at Carl Benz Arena, Stuttgart, Germany. At the conference area, you will get a chance to enjoy high-level automotive industry leaders delivering keynote speeches and engaging in panel discussions on the latest developments.

Meanwhile, the exhibition area will allow you to expand your network with valuable opportunities, and explore cutting-edge trends in e-mobility, showcasing our clients’ newest technologies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend one of the most influential electric vehicle conferences. 

Register now for the 4th Green Auto Summit and position yourself at the forefront of the industry.

Among the Green Auto Summit Attendees

Get the most out of the Green Auto Summit with an Exhibitor Package

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  • 2 Delegate Passes
  • Full Access to all Event Platforms
  • Scanned Business Cards
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Perks of the Event

Individual Presentations

Individual Presentations

  • Hear about the latest innovations and technologies
  • Learn about new business models
  • Gain more expertise in your field
  • Get inspired

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions

  • Engage in high-level panel discussions and refine your ideas
  • Develop new ways to improve your business process
  • Trigger an exchange of viewpoints among industry experts
  • Ask questions directly to the fellow senior executives



  • Get to know other people in your field
  • Find potential business partners
  • Build new connections and strengthen your relationships
  • Unlock new opportunities



  • Gain maximum exposure for your brand
  • Individual booth space
  • A limited number of exhibitors
  • Engage and interact with prospective clients

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